Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My all time favorite Surdas bhajan with its meaning in English!
 Deenan dukh haran dev santan hitkari

ajamil geedh byadh inme kah kaun saadh
panchhi ko pad padhaat ganika si taari
deenan dukh haran dev ...
dhruva ke sar chhatra det
prahalad ko ubari det
bhakta hetu bandhyo setu
lankpuri jaayi
deenan dukh haran dev .....
gaj ko jab grah grasyo
duhshashan cheer khasyo
sabha beech krishna krishna draupati pukari
deenan dukh haran dev .....
itne hari aaye gaye
basnan aaroorh bhaye
surdas dware khado aanadhro bhikhari
deenan dukh haran dev santan hitkari
deenan dukh haran dev .....

Meaning :
The Lord who removes the pain of the sufferers and is well doer of the saints
Azamil , the vulture , the hunter ,, say who was perfect among them ,
Who gave a higher destination to a bird and made the Ganika (a man who lives with a prostitute. -here Azamil )to move accross this bhavasagar...
Who versed Druva's head with canopy, and saved Prahalad
For the sake of devotee who constructed the bridge by going to Lanka puri .
When the alligator grabbed the Gajraj (the elephant) in his jaws ...who came to save him ..
When Duhshashan unwinded the clothes (of Draupadi) ,
Draupadi called up "Krihsna Krishna " in the Hall ..
Just then ,( you) Hari reached there and adjointed Himself in the clothes .
Surdas , a blind begger , is standing on Your doorsteps -
When You can do so much and show your grace upon these people ,
Please be kind towards me too .

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